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Of all the poems, songs, and literature dedicated to the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay, none describes it better than a journal entry from the 15th century explorer who first mapped the area: "Heaven and earth have never agreed better to frame a place for man's habitation." Sure, 400 years have passed since that early explorer recognized the Chesapeake Bay as heaven on earth, but now because of Great White Water Sports, LLC., you don't have to wait another minute to discover it for yourself, you will be amazed, "it's a shore thing"

GREAT WHITE WATER SPORTS PRESENTS: Come Fly with US! Our most recent Flyboard promo video, filmed right at our location, starring none other than one of our customers. This young man had no prior experience, just went for it, while adding his own style and swag. Enjoy it, and share it, and try it!


When the WWE Summer Slam came to Hampton Roads… We chose Great White Water Sports to partner with for Summer Slam Promo and it was awesome. Thanks again Great White Water Sports for all your professionalism and attention to safety to make our promo successful- check out the promo below!


Everyone’s talking about Great White Water Sports! Listen to the unsolicited endorsement from Hampton Road’s Z104 Z Morning Zoo.

Nick with Z104 - Great White Water Sports

I was presently surprised with my jet ski dolphin tour. We saw hundreds of dolphins and our tour guide was great. Good value, scenery, and equipment. A must do attraction in my opinion when you are at VA Beach. Thanks again!!!

Dragon102976 - Great White Water Sports