Where did the name Great White Water Sports come from?

A great white shark is arguably the waters most respected and superior creatures.  Likewise Great White Water Sports’ strives to lead its industry in the same manner when it comes to safety, fun, and customer service?

I want to try the Aqua Yoga, but am afraid it will be too hard, how difficult is the session?

Our certified instructors have developed routines that are both fun and challenging.  Therefore, each individual will be able to determine their own degree of difficulty, or can just decide to just have plain fun.

Can my small child ride?

A child’s feet must be able to touch the bottom of the craft.  Our experience has proven that most average size 3 year olds meet this requirement.

Why the Chesapeake Bay over the riding in the Ocean?

The waters of the bay are proven to be safer, warmer, and calmer than riding in the ocean.

How far can I go with the jet ski?

Our riding zone is approximately a 3 mile radius, it’s so large most of guest don’t cover the entire area.

I’ve never rented a jet ski, and I can’t swim, will I be ok?

Yes, about 50% of our guest either have never operated a jet ski or cannot swim.  That’s why all of our experiences include a Coast Guard Approved life jacket, and we keep a safety monitor who is life guard trained and is readily accessible to assist our guest.

When I purchase a custom cornhole board, how long should I anticipate for delivery? 

Our custom cornhole boards are ready for pick-up or shipping within 7-10 business days.

Do your jet skis have speed restricting devices?

No, our jet skis max out between 50 mph and 60 mph, depending on wind and water conditions.

Is there weight limits for your jet skis?

Yes, for safety purposes and for a better overall experience, weight should not exceed 470 lbs.